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Solution C3 Version 02 of Reshebnik on theoretical mechanics manuals SM Targ 1982.
Check the condition of the task C3 (page 20 in the training manual Targ SM. 1982):
A uniform rod weight P = 24 N is pivotally attached to the weightless sliders 1 and 2 (Figure S3.0 -. S3.9, Table Coll.). The coefficients of friction slide guides along which they can slide, respectively, are f1 and f2. Attached to the slider forces Q1 and Q2, as shown in the figures. The mechanism is located in a vertical plane.
Determine the amount specified in the table in the line "Find", where indicated: Q´1 (or Q´2) - the smallest value Q1 or Q2 forces, in which there is an equilibrium; Q "1 (or Q" 2) - the highest strength values ​​of the same, in which the balance is stored; f1 (or f2) - the lowest value of friction coefficient at which equilibrium is maintained.
Right after the payment you will receive a link to the zip file with a solution of 3 Static Var. 00po theoretical mechanics of Reshebnik Targ SM 1982 for external students. The decision is made by the methodical instructions and control tasks for part-time students of construction, tarnsportnyh, machine-building and instrument-making professions universities. The decision is decorated in a word format / pdf / manuscript in jpg or gif.
I would be very happy if after passing the solutions you return to the site and leave a positive review. This will help to make the service better.
Thank you in advance.
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