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After payment you will receive the key of the game Dirt 3 COMPLETE EDITION to activate on Steam

Activation KEY: Russia
Language English

Get ready for Dirt 3! Here we have a lot of snow, dirt and rain. You can experience night racing and a bunch of new tracks, you just have to buy Dirt 3.
You have been caught in a racer? Drive in the new regime "Gymkhana" and upload your races directly to YouTube! You´ll be famous...
Compete in iconic cars that present the sport for over 50 years. Yes, we are talking about the classic Audi Quattro, and Ford Fiesta WRC, which was released in 2011. In Dirt 3 you will win one and another. Full multiplayer or split screen? You decide.
Dirt 3 is worth to buy Dirt 3 key, because the realistic fast-time and real damage system will simply make you swoon. Racing simulator is what you need. If you are tired of arcade racing, Dirt is your game!


Weather conditions. Dynamic change of weather, rain, snow and night mode. And all this at different points of our planet. You have to drive through the cities of Europe, Africa and the USA;
A great fleet. We have the best rally cars in the last 50 years;
A new mode called "Gymkhana," which will allow you to demonstrate your skills on a specially built for this purpose venues – drift, jump with jumps and perform police turns;
The entry rollers. Record gameplay videos and share your works with friends or with the world by uploading them on YouTube.
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1. Download and install Steam (if not installed);
2. To register a new account in Steam or to come into the existing;
3. In the top menu of the Steam window click "Games" and select "Activate via Steam".
4. Enter the activation key, click "next" game is activated.
5. After you activate the game key will appear in the list of "Library of Games", from here you will be able to download/install, and then start playing.
09.03.2020 16:35:44
Спасибо огромное, лайк

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