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Option 14
1. What is the mosaic (or block) structure of metal?
2. What is the temporary resistance to rupture (?)? How this characteristic is determined
Mechanical properties of metal?
3. Draw a diagram of the iron-iron carbide state, indicate the structural
Components in all areas of the diagram, describe the transformations and construct a curve
Cooling (using a phase rule) for an alloy containing 5.5% C. What is the structure of this
Alloy at room temperature and how such an alloy is called?
4. The cutting tool made of steel U10 was overheated during quenching. What is harmful is overheating and how
Can you fix this defect? Correct the structure and assign a mode
Heat treatment, ensuring the normal operation of the tool. Describe its structure
And properties.
5. Using the iron-cementite state diagram, determine the temperature of the total and
Incomplete annealing and normalization for steel 40. Describe these thermal regimes
And describe the structure and properties of steel.
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