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Microsoft Office 365 Personal - Subscription for 1 PC + 1 tablet for a period of 12 months (electronic delivery, QQ2-00004 article).
The registration key you receive immediately after payment in the window after the payment.

Load distribution is the link:
If you already have an account with Microsoft:

All you need to know about the product features:
Questions and answers about Office 365:

• Full-featured Office applications installed
Get reliable and familiar installed applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access.
• Work on multiple devices
Install the full-featured Office applications on a single PC or a Mac, a tablet and a phone (including Windows devices, Apple® and Android ™).
• Other subscription benefits
1TB of space in the cloud OneDrive storage and 60 minutes of Skype for calls to mobile and landline phones.

Subscribe for 1 year
For 1 PC or Mac computer, 1 tablet iPad, Android or Windows phone, and 1
Full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and many other applications
1TB of cloud storage
Permanent access to updates

Advantages of subscription to Office 365

Office 365 Personal is perfect for 1 PC or Mac computer and the tablet 1.
With it, you can work virtually anywhere in the world using all their devices.
You always use the most current software and you do not have to think about replacing outdated versions of software.

Set entirely new versions of all the 2016 applications - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and others - by downloading them directly to your favorite device.
You will be able to continue working, even disconnecting the device from the Internet *.
* - The availability of applications and features may vary by platform and device language. Applications Publisher, and Access is only available for PC.

Installing on multiple devices at the same time - use all the Office features 1 PC or a Mac, 1 tablet Windows, iPad or Android phone ** 1.
** - Compatible with Windows 7 or later and OS X 10.10. A complete list of system requirements, including requirements for tablets and smartphones, see. on site.

Use OneDrive cloud storage for instant access to your documents, photos and videos.
Edit and share materials through the Internet anytime, anywhere and through any of your devices.

The license includes all updates, so you will always get new versions of the applications as soon as they are released.

The composition of the Office 365 includes personal current version - Office 2016 for PC and Office 2016 for Mac *
* - The availability of applications and features may vary by platform and device language. Applications Publisher, and Access is only available for PC.

Word - Create and edit great papers, as well as providing access to them.
Excel - Use new and intuitive ways to analyze and visualize the data.
PowerPoint - to create, collaborate and find effective representation for their ideas.
OneNote - Turn your laptop into a powerful tool to express their ideas.
Outlook - restore order in their e-mail, coordinate schedules and stay in touch with people from your contact list.
Access - Quickly create your own database applications, as well as the effective use of data. Only on the PC
Publisher - Print and share professional-quality publications with the help of powerful and easy-to-use tools. Only on the PC
OneDrive - Get 1 TB of space in OneDrive cloud storage for all your files.
Skype - Call mobile and landline phones, using 60 minutes to Skype calls on a monthly basis.
17.10.2018 23:33:23
Продлил подписку без проблем
17.10.2018 20:04:54
Все работает!
16.10.2018 11:59:42
Спасибо, ключ получил моментально и всё сработало.
16.10.2018 11:33:20
Всё пришло мгновенно, спасибо!
16.10.2018 10:46:02
Thank you. No problem with activation. Great service!
14.10.2018 13:29:34
все гуд
14.10.2018 9:56:33
Ключ пришел моментально. Активация прошла без проблем.
13.10.2018 18:39:30
Всё прекрасно, ключ активировался
09.10.2018 12:22:30
всё активировалось без проблем на год, спасибо
06.10.2018 23:33:32
Ja ne mogu ustanovit Office 365, oshibka:

Sorry, we can´t find this product key in our database.

If your product key is for Office 2010, Office 2007, or Office for Mac 2011, you can redeem your product key and download Office here.

If your product key is for Office 365 for Business, redeem it here.
04.10.2018 22:02:59
Активировалось без проблем. Спасибо.
04.10.2018 18:48:51
ключ успешно активирован
02.10.2018 16:27:50
Активировал , всё работает!
29.09.2018 8:40:15
Все хорошо. Быстро пришло, активировалось без проблем.
28.09.2018 10:31:28
20.09.2018 18:52:55
Все отлично)
19.09.2018 18:21:17
Все прошло нормально, без проблем.
12.09.2018 13:48:42
10.09.2018 19:51:24
05.09.2018 16:48:46
Спасибо, ключ сразу выдало после оплаты.

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