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By buying DLC is a Set of races "Warriors of Chaos" you will receive a license activation key immediately after payment in your account on

►:◄ For access to content requires a licensed game Total War: WARHAMMER (Steam)

Activation: Steam

Activation region: Region Free
Localization: Russian (GUI and subtitles)
Release date: 24 may 2016
Publisher: Sega
Developer: The Creative Assembly

►Product description:◄
A set of races "Warriors of Chaos" adds to Total War™: a WARHAMMER® new race with its own legendary lords, troops, mounts, items, quests and game mechanics.
• Three new legendary ruler.
• New mounts, warriors and beasts of Chaos.
• New quests, magic items and abilities.
• New game style: "the Horde".
Lead the terrible warriors of Chaos and powerglide the Old world in the dust. This package includes a full set of bloodthirsty warriors, mounts terrifying and monstrous creatures. Lead the evil hordes of Chaos, having donned the role of one of three new legendary rulers. Open embrace Disruptive forces and pass new quest to find the powerful items and gain glory in the name of the gods of Chaos.
Three new legendary ruler.

Head the warriors of chaos, having donned the role of one of three new legendary rulers, each of which has its own unique bonuses:
• Sigvald Gorgeous:
Handsome from birth, Sigvald was so absorbed by the sense of hedonism that he was expelled from his native tribe, but she also helped him find a powerful patron, Slaanesh. Now he directs the army of those who worship him. Destroying everything that he considers ugly or unattractive, he fights in the name of Slaanesh and their own perverted self-love.
• Holec Solntseedy:
Holec Solntseedy makes a lasting impression. Many consider this giant´s second oldest tachograph. It towers over the battlefield, easily swinging a huge hammer. Some even worship him as a deity.
• Archaon Chosen Forever:
A former Templar of sigmarites, Archaon once found an ancient text that reveal some of the mysteries of their religion. Brought to Sigmar rejecting the oath, he went North to the nightmarish Wasteland of Chaos to offer their services to the gods of Chaos. The destructive power of blessed Sigmar in his attempt to become Forever Favorites - the Lord of the end times.
New style of the game: the Horde.
Introducing the style of play "Horde" in Total War: WARHAMMER allows the warriors of Chaos to burn up enemy settlements and set up camp wherever you want, carrying battle trophies.
New units, buildings, items and technologies.

Minions of Chaos are not interested in gold. To unlock new types of troops, buildings and technologies, you will have to seek favors from the Dark Gods. Search for powerful artifacts of Chaos to become the true harbinger of the Apocalypse. Spread filth in the name of Chaos!

Key units:
Warriors Of Chaos
Dragon of Chaos (sled)
Les Miserables
Chariot with litosphere
Hell of a gun
!!!ATTENTION!!! Every third client (in random order) to leave positive feedback after purchasing the game, get on your Email, specified during the purchase of goods, an individual activation key gift Steam games. As a gift you get one of the over 30 different games to Steam. The distribution of keys within 48 hours, excluding weekend days from the moment of writing the review.

ATTENTION: the Given key to activate on Steam.

How to start playing Total War: WARHAMMER:
•If you have not installed the Steam client, download and install it .
•Log in to your Steam account or register a new one if you have not already.
•Go to "Games" and select "Activate via Steam".
•Enter the activation key (to obtain it you need to buy Total War: WARHAMMER).
•After that, the game will appear in the list, and you can download Total War: WARHAMMER.
23.07.2018 22:46:20
Все ок)
11.07.2018 12:30:10
Все пришло!
15.02.2018 12:48:46
Пришло и активировалось. Закупал сразу игру + все DLC платные
08.02.2018 18:10:52
Все отлично!
09.12.2017 21:35:34
Код ввёл сразу, спасибо за выгодную цену.
15.10.2017 13:51:59
Всё отлично! Всегда у этого продавца беру, оч круто! Жду подарок!)
28.08.2017 10:38:31
И снова продавец не подвел,все супер)
29.05.2017 22:19:07
Как всегда, всё прекрасно)
12.05.2017 0:19:01
18.04.2017 8:15:20
04.04.2017 16:35:50
Все работает, спасибо тех поддержке за отзывчивость
14.12.2016 19:37:04
04.12.2016 15:49:58
Все активировалось, все отлично.
05.11.2016 0:08:24
03.11.2016 13:41:06
все супер, спасибо
01.11.2016 21:11:17
14.10.2016 15:43:23
Товар получен, спс.
07.10.2016 14:07:27
06.10.2016 18:31:20
все отлично
04.10.2016 19:27:05
Activated successfully <3

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