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You buy an XBOX LIVE Gold status activation card for 3 months.

The Xbox Live Gold card allows you to upgrade the Xbox Live subscription level from the free (Silver) to Gold (Gold) level for accounts from regions Russia, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and any other for 3 months.attentionRegion: Russia + World

Turn on automatic renewal and get 1 MONTH FREE. At the end of the subscription period and free use of a paid renewal, you can cancel, respectively, receive an additional month of use GOLD status for free! An additional free month is given on the initiative of Microsoft itself, in case if there are any problems with its activation - all questions are only for them, I will not accept any claims on this matter.
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Why buy Xbox Gold?

The golden status of Xbox Gold gives players the following options:

- The fastest protected multiplayer. Servers in the cloud, distributed loads and lots of other technologies will please every player who likes to play via the Internet. If you are one of those lovers, you need to buy xbox gold for access to multiplayer opportunities in games.
- Constant discounts and special promotions for the owners of the golden subscription of Xbox Live. You will be pushed aside by the savings that you can reach a user with a gold status of xbox: discounts up to 75% on AAA-titles and other special offers are updated weekly.
- Not enough discounts? You are waiting for absolutely free games, available only to subscribers of XBox Gold.
- Communication opportunities in the gold subscription are also significantly expanded - search for suitable players, online conferences, video calls - you will definitely like it.

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How to activate the purchased XBox Live Gold subscription?
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- First of all go to the official website
- In the upper right corner, find the "Sign In" button, click on it.
- If you already have an Xbox Live account - go under your data. If there is no account, register it.
- After logging in, move the cursor to the account (the upper right corner, where "Login" was used before).
- In the drop-down menu you are interested in "Activate the code"
- After several transitions to activation (maybe a Redeem button will appear) you will still be given a field for entering the code
- Enter characters from the purchased card and enjoy the golden status of Xbox Live.

In addition, you can naturally activate the purchased xbox live gold card on your gaming console.
07.09.2018 15:59:48
Купил и сразу активировал)все работает
05.08.2018 13:11:30
Спасибо, всё пришло, подождал секунд 20 пока прошла оплата и сразу высветилось загрузить изображение - а там и ключ ) сразу ввёл на консоли и всё работает ) Самая лучшая цена здесь, весь плати перерыл в сравнениях)
14.07.2018 12:31:15
Сразу же активировал. Быстро. Удобно. Недорого.
19.06.2018 23:17:26
Супер и быстро!!
03.06.2018 13:32:37
Код пришёл сразу, +1 тоже сработал. Главное дёшево.
26.04.2018 9:48:42
Все ок!
20.04.2018 18:30:39
Хочу подарок
04.04.2018 23:20:41
Всё хорошо, с первой попытки был какой-то сбой, но продавец оперативно отреагировал и помог решить проблему, спасибо. (+1 месяц тоже сработал)
02.04.2018 14:49:48
01.04.2018 19:32:21
Всё ок
31.03.2018 16:04:50
Все отлично, спасибо)
29.03.2018 16:40:55
25.03.2018 18:11:58
idealno i bistra
25.03.2018 9:47:03
Все отлично. Спасибо!
24.03.2018 22:35:18
24.03.2018 18:26:00
24.03.2018 16:43:43
23.03.2018 16:42:40
Всё ок!! Продавец лови пятюню)) быстро чётко и все робит!) советую
22.03.2018 14:20:28
Всё отлично
22.03.2018 12:38:09
Отличный продавец. Все работает. Спасибо.

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