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Probably, there is no Chinese-style martial arts, which would not present the practice of Qigong. About Qigong heard all engage in many - but few can explain.

Tszyumin Ian - the man who can explain to you all. This theorist and practitioner - his knowledge is applied to everything related to the practice of qigong, from healing the body as a whole to be the practical application of martial arts.

This wonderful book - a striking example of how to write a book about the complex: almost no mystery and only practice. Yang Tszyumin show complexes of exercises for the development of the body, energy, saturation, and then you will see the chi energy can be used for training in martial arts. This is one of the most complete, interesting and, most importantly, open and understandable materials on Qigong. The book will be useful to almost everyone who plays sports and is committed to excellence.
Title: Qigong for health and practicing martial arts
Author: Ian Tszyumin
Format: pdf
Size: 88 MB.
Quality: Very good
Category: Arts
Year: 2013
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