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We offer you a Minecraft Account

Account all the new and cool nicknames))

ATTENTION!!! ENTER THE GAME BY launcher (CLIENT)! If you do not accept this condition, please do not buy.

After payment you will receive your login information in a client type LOGIN: PASSWORD \ Email: Pass

Minecraft - an unusual game that the world consists of units with different characteristics and textures. It combines elements of the "sandbox" with the ability to create. And you can create whatever your heart pleases, of the available units, which in the game has more than a hundred types. At this point in Minecraft has three modes: creative, hardcore and survival.
Minecraft Premium:
• Premium for Minecraft allows to play Premium servers (there are very few)
• Premium for Minecraft allows to play on servers MineZ (
• When inventory is not emptied death
• When you log on the server there is no inscription "Try 3 seconds"
• The ability to access the server, even if it is full

For sale are exhibited only proven and reliable accounts.
Each buyer receives a gift - a promo code on your next purchase.

- Access via the website, by email and your secret answer is not provided. If you want an account with access to the site and
- Guarantees on the accounts do not apply. If you have successfully logged in to your account, the exchange / return, he is not subject.
- Skin can not be changed.

Переводчик Google для бизнеса –Инструменты переводчикаПереводчик сайтовСлужба "Анализ рынков"
Attention purchasing this product you agree to the above description !!!
21.01.2018 21:53:09
Не рабочий аккаунт
21.01.2018 20:07:30
Не валид аккаунт
21.01.2018 19:25:00
Нерабочий Аккаунт пока отзыв плохой!
21.01.2018 18:41:55
Невалид, не мог снять на видео, но таки невалид
21.01.2018 17:02:04
пишет не верный логин пороль!
21.01.2018 16:32:07
Отличный товар! Работает, в случае чего продавец без проблем выдаст замену. берите.
21.01.2018 16:08:10
не роботает
21.01.2018 15:59:45
Купил 3 аккаунта. 2 из них невалид.
21.01.2018 13:23:35
21.01.2018 11:19:52
аккаунт не работает
21.01.2018 9:53:06
21.01.2018 0:48:48
20.01.2018 21:36:28
20.01.2018 17:59:10
неправильная лицуха
20.01.2018 17:15:36
not login
20.01.2018 17:15:02
not login again
20.01.2018 17:13:59
not login
20.01.2018 17:11:13
not login
20.01.2018 17:10:44
20.01.2018 14:53:09

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