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KeyTective allows you to check the list of links on the occurrence of specified keywords. If at least one keyword is found, the program will save the site. Also, in a separate program files to save sites that did not match any keyword and sites with server response code other than 200.

The area is wide use of the program.

Some problems, which are solved by the program:

- Monitoring sites (pages) on the occurrence of key competitors

- Monitoring of links to websites donors

- Monitoring of news sites

- Monitoring of new topics on the forums

- Sampling sites by keywords (for example, message boards, etc.)

The program was tested on Windows7, Windows10 and Linux Mint 17
09.01.2017 16:54:31
Покупал для выборки форумов (более 1000) по ключевым словам. Программа шустрая, с задачей справилась на отлично. Рекомендую.