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$5 the discount is 5%
$15 the discount is 7%
ATTENTION !!! This code is intended for activation only on RU servers.
The validity period of the code itself is up to - see the inscription "Code is valid until ..." under the price of the goods. If you do not activate it before this time, then it will disappear! It is recommended to activate immediately after purchase!
After payment you will instantly receive a code for the Beretta ARX160 assault rifle (1 day).The Beretta ARX160 has a fairly high rate of fire among assault rifles and, at the same time, has very good damage. A high minimum damage allows you to guaranteedly kill enemies in the distance for six, and close for four hits in the body.
The return on this assault rifle is medium, easily controlled, which affects short-range and medium-range battles.
• Great damage.
• Excellent range.
• Excellent rate of fire.
• Excellent accuracy in aiming mode.
• Easily controlled recoil.
• Three modification slots with all assortment of equipment for attack aircraft.
• High penetration.
• Low accuracy when shooting from the hip.
More information about this weapon can be found here:
1. If you are not registered in the game, then first sign up.
2. To activate the code in the game, follow the link:
3. Enter the code in the field for codes and click the "Activate" button.
If you have any difficulties and questions during the activation process, then please do not immediately leave negative feedback, but let me know about it in any way convenient for you. I will definitely try to solve the difficulties as soon as possible./delivery
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