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After payment, you instantly receive a full steam steam key Skyrim.

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Regional restrictions: Russia, Ukraine and the CIS
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After the assassination of King Skyrim, the empire was on the brink of disaster. Around the contenders for the throne, new alliances rallied, and a conflict broke out. In addition, as the ancient scrolls predicted, cruel and merciless dragons returned to the world.

Now the future of Skyrim and the whole empire depends on the dragonborn - a man in whose veins the blood of legendary creatures flows. Only this hero, using the power of the Voice given to him, will be able to withstand the dragons. And it is up to you to play his role and determine the fate of Tamriel!

Create a unique character and do everything in the magical world that you want.
Skyrim is developed on a new game engine, which allowed the creators to embody a whole world in which there was a place and rocky mountains, and noisy cities, and fertile fields, and ancient dungeons.
Choose what is right for you, from hundreds of weapons, spells and abilities.
Fight with the monsters that threaten the land of Tamriel. Playing the role of dragonborn, learn the secrets of the heroes of antiquity and gain their strength.
Installation Instructions
• Download and install Steam (if not already installed).
• Register an account on Steam or log into an existing one.
• Go to the "My Games" section and select "Activate via Steam ...", read and agree to the Steam Subscriber´s agreement and enter the key received immediately after payment.
• After activation, the game appears in the list of games and you can download it from Steam. The installation process (download) takes about 10-60 minutes (depending on the available Internet channel).
• You buy goods in the official digital division of belconsole. We are an international, family company with high values. We have 2 physical stores and an office.
• Belconsole on the market for more than 9 years.
• More than 40,000 sales, more than 6500 positive responses only on the independent platform, not one unresolved issue for 6 years.
• The official level of webmoney Business Level is more than 700.
• Belconsole is the official dealer of all the largest distributors in the CIS.
• After the purchase, if everything suits you, please write the feedback below under the goods, it is very important for us.
• If you have difficulties with activation, please write below under the product in the correspondence, our technical support will help you.
• Technical problems with the keys can not be solved by phone, thanks for your understanding.
10.03.2018 17:03:41
06.03.2018 1:24:00
Спасибо за игру
22.02.2018 9:45:41
Спасибо,все хорошо ключ работает я очень доволен!
17.02.2018 0:09:26
Все быстро пришло, ключ рабочий. Спасибо.
16.02.2018 23:21:40
Спасибо. Ключ рабочий.
14.02.2018 17:06:36
Все отлично! Рил Скайрим за сотку)
13.02.2018 18:27:46
Все круто!
09.02.2018 23:15:53
Спасибо! Реально Скайрим за сотку, советую! +rep
06.02.2018 17:49:57
Ключ пришол топ продавец!
25.01.2018 8:59:21
Всё получил. Хорошо
23.01.2018 19:08:41
оплатил, дали ключ, активировал скайрим, играю)))
23.01.2018 14:22:25
21.01.2018 21:21:38
Ключ пришёл,спасибо)
21.01.2018 18:41:50
Мгновенно пришел ключ, спасибо большое
16.01.2018 7:18:32
Всё ок.
15.01.2018 18:28:10
Активировалась, никаких проблем
13.01.2018 17:27:35
Всё отлично, я доволен
13.01.2018 3:06:46
07.01.2018 1:42:15
всё отлично, оплатил и получил ключ, спасибо!!!!!!!!!!
30.12.2017 13:02:28
Ключ пришел, все хорошо. Спасибо.

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