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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 1%
Immediately after payment You will receive a Bonus code which you can immediately activate Your account!
After you activate the Bonus code You will receive:
- 1000 game gold.

The bonus code is designed to activate only on the RU servers!
Instructions to activate the Bonus code:
1. After acquiring a Bonus code, you need to go to the official website
2. If not authorized, then login to your account and carry out the activation code.
3. After entering the correct Bonus code will receive a message "THANK you. Code activated".

Detailed instructions on how to activate the Bonus codes can be found here:
After activating the Bonus code, the technique remains on your account forever.
If this technique is already in the hangar, the accrued compensation in the amount of equipment in the game at the time of activation.
Refund policy described here
ATTENTION! Bonus codes are not accepted back. If You activate the Bonus code of the series before or don´t remember or not sure, then better not to buy!
The seller guarantees the efficiency of the code at the time of sale, and its compliance with the description!
After receiving the code, the responsibility for storage lies with the customer! (for example, possible output Vargeymingi of action series of code on time of storage, the breaking of mail of the Buyer, the theft of the code by third parties, etc.).
Therefore, I advise you immediately after purchase to activate the code, otherwise claim will not be accepted.
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28.03.2019 19:32:55
13.03.2019 14:56:49
08.03.2019 5:04:24
03.03.2019 21:20:46
супер продавец
03.03.2019 21:19:04
отличный продавец
03.03.2019 21:17:49
норм сайт
01.03.2019 13:07:14
15.02.2019 20:45:10
09.02.2019 19:45:11
сработало, получил сразу, спасибо :)
06.02.2019 1:06:40
Всё отлично
22.03.2018 13:32:15
Всё работает без отказов! Просто копируешь и вставляешь бонус-код. Продавец отличный, в общем всё гуд!
26.10.2017 0:28:57
Все ок. Спасибо человеку! )))
23.08.2017 17:44:37
11.07.2017 13:38:00
25.06.2017 15:14:55
09.06.2017 1:52:19
04.06.2017 16:07:48
Отлично!бонус-код работает!
28.05.2017 13:42:30
Спасибо! Всё отлично, активация проходит моментально! Всем советую данного продавца!
17.05.2017 11:41:49
100% рабочий код. Спасибо.
16.05.2017 17:33:41

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