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The program Profibet Tennis - is designed to analyze tennis matches and betting on tennis. The program collects all the matches and statistics of players for the upcoming matches of tennis. Analyzes the outcome of the match, the winner of the match, exact score, total sets of the match. The program is quick to use, allowing you to analyze the match in a single click.

Permeability predictions of 85-90% at an average of 1.6-1.8 KF

Properties: loads all the matches from line statistics, and writes the data to the chart, collects player statistics, predicts total points, predicts the outcome of the match, analyzes the exact score, good permeability, simple use, fast work.

Statistics — You not one program will not give 100% throughput because it is a sport and tennis players have tested the game working on beeches. But still tennis betting have the advantage, they only two outcomes either win first or second , there is necii in football. That is, to analyze the match easier. The program copes with this task with all solid 85%.

The program has a very nice interface that allows you to work with the program around the clock, has a warm color not to tired eyes.

The video shows that the program works very quickly, and how convenient it is to use. We wanted to put a higher price for this program, but many players, the price of 8,000 rubles simply can not afford, though similar services that sell program sell for 3000-5000 RUB But we set the optimal price for all just 199 RUB.

This program is just not interchangeable in predicting matches on tennis for beginners or those who have long puts on sports betting.

Interface language : RUS/ENG
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