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Software for analyzing football MyBet MySkore Super 2016. The program has everything that you need to analyse football matches. The program displays all the necessary values for the upcoming match, displays the full match statistics, conducting a full analysis. The program uses all of the modern formulas that were tested more than one year. The program calculates the exact score of the match, individual totals of teams , strength of defense, the indicator of total goals per match and many more. Also built into the formula of the popular strategies of the Syndicate, the theory of the League, the Dynamics, the theory of Zero goals, the theory of the distribution coefficients of Poisona. Also the table has a visual indicator to win and total goals matches. The program will be indispensable in analysing matches against the beeches.
Interface language: RUS
12.09.2016 19:12:20
Отвратная таблица, а не программа для анализа, просто развод