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Program to predict total hockey matches Theory khokkey v9.0 Turbo 2016 is designed to quickly predict the statistics of the games. Features of the program, the definition of the upcoming outcome , the likely total goals etc. you need only to find a match and copy the link statistics to the program and click the analyze button, then the program will display all statistics and the most probable predictions for the game. With our program you can greatly increase your chances of winning from the bookmaker a large amount of money.

Permeability predictions for 85% — with an average 1.6-1.8 KF

Program Theory khokkey v9.0 Turbo 2016 will save a lot of your precious time which you spend on forecasting and calculating total matches for hockey. The program collects and analyzes all the statistics on average 5 seconds ( depends on your Internet speed max 10 sec and at low speed ). In the manual all you´ll to do it in about 5 minutes. And if the day about 200 matches , think about how you spend time. Also, if you like to play Live they need to perform all operations very quickly, because while you are analysing the match on the event at this time unable to score a goal and you just simply lose time and your own nerves. Program Theory khokkey v9.0 Turbo 2016 this is simply not replaceable assistant in the betting for the novice player and a professional capper.

Interface language: RUS. Operating system: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
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