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$58 / Pixelhd / PXHD – is a quite “young”, but has already become popular, HD tracker that focuses exclusively on high-quality video – movies and television programs. Tracker was opened in 2010, when a well-known release group PS3-Team decided to create your own tracker. PixelHD runs on a heavily modified Gazelle codebase started out as a home for an encoding and release group which focussed on 4GB/1080p/AC3-640k movie encodes, which were originally intended for console platforms. Therefore, it is the best resource for those who love releases of this encode-group and prefers movies in HD quality small size. There are also torrents uploaded no less famous group iCandy.
What so good about PS3-Team Encodes. You can play them Directly in PS3. It is only 4GB and also 1080p quality. So the movies can be stored easily. The file is very highly compressed so you will find good 1080p video quality also Ac3 audio.
Among other things, this HD tracker is ratioless, known for high-speed downloads and a good seeding, and has not quite typical, but pleasant and convenient interface. Registration has never be opened, therefore to get the tracker without having friends among the participants is very problematic. As an option – you can buy an invite or a buffered account to PixelHD at our store.
After payment you will get a 16-digit code that must tell me. After that, you will be sent an invite to the postal address given in payment.
Delivery is usually within 2-3 hours, maximum - during the day.
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