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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 10%
Immediately after payment you get an account with the game Tom Clancy´s Rainbow Six Siege.

We give 100% guarantee for the operation account.

Access to e-mail is not available.

Return not only the replacement in the event of invalidity account when buying.

Guarantee 14 days

13.12.2018 21:43:33
Отличная поддержка, правда некоторая проблема с аккаунтами, 2 раза заменяли, а так в целом продовец хороший, всем советую!
08.11.2018 21:19:06
пока что valid, ждем 14 дней
03.11.2018 15:53:06
Спасибо большое продавцу быстро поменял аккаунт, рекомендую++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
27.10.2018 22:42:01
All good
26.10.2018 2:38:53
Всё огонь! Спасибо продавцу!
25.10.2018 18:16:35
Спасибо большое! Решили проблему быстро и качественно!
24.10.2018 0:27:52
Good seller. You can trust him, this is my 2nd shopping with him and he is very good person. Account works with no problem. That is awesome.
22.10.2018 15:36:31
Все отлично и работает!
В начале возникла небольшая трудность, но совместными усилиями с продавцом, и его оперативным ответом и оказанной помощью всё разрешилось в кротчайшие сроки :)

Everything is working fine!
08.10.2018 12:56:40
Very fast +++
03.10.2018 14:41:35
Amazing Seller! Paid and first account didn’t work, contacted selling provided proof that it didn’t work and seller gave me a new account which worked flawlessly! 10/10 awesome thanks heaps!
02.10.2018 12:04:32
12.09.2018 1:33:13
bought an account and it didnt work tho
11.09.2018 18:59:02
very Good
10.09.2018 16:25:17
first gave me wrong account got it fixed in a couple hours good cheap acocunts perfect for your needs
30.08.2018 23:01:56
he replaced my account , good seller! The account got banned for toxicity and it wasnt even me , the operators classes changed.That is obvioulsy the owner of the account. I am still waiting for a remplacement from the seller ill keep this post updated
26.08.2018 19:28:35
login is not working. waiting for new details. will update when i got a new one.

edit: got new details in 3 hrs. really fast and good support.
25.08.2018 16:26:05
Thank you
19.08.2018 18:15:54
There is no game on the account i got. I expect a refund. Thanks.

EDIT1: got a replacement in less than 2 hrs. Second account works like a charm.

EDIT2: as it seems the account is being used by someone else. don´t know if this is regular. waiting for answer of the seller. get logged out every time saying someone logged in on another location.

EDIT3: best man. everything is fine now. we sorted all out :)
03.08.2018 18:36:04
He is contact and solve when there is a problem
22.07.2018 20:38:58
Дали замену , аккаунт рабочий .

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