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▂▃▅▇█cautionEach buyer gift key Random Steam Region free or Populous Origin Key. Detailed instructions below. █▇▅▃▂

Map PSN allows payment to replenish a virtual wallet balance PlayStation Store for 1000 rubles

This map of PlayStation Network is only suitable for the Russian Accounts (Russian region).


The use of Sony PlayStation Network Card:
Maps PlayStation Network Cards - a great way to add funds to your wallet PlayStation Network. To do this, buy a card rather PlayStation Network Card and enter a 12-digit numeric code. After that you can easily download any materials from the PlayStation Store, using any platform with support for PSN: PlayStation 3, PSP, PSPgo.

PlayStation Network - separate independent platform with a variety of services and applications that the new year will be significantly expanded:
- Demo - version / videos of new games.
- Additional content that enhances the gaming experience - add-ons, maps, themes, new missions, artifacts, etc.
- Videos, comics, other multimedia content.
- Dynamically expanding the main catalog of games for the PlayStation all publishers.
- Exclusive Games PlayStation Network, including affordable games of MINIS directory.

The advantages of using payment cards PlayStation Network:
- Compatible with any platform that supports PSN: PS3, PSP, PSPgo.
- Easy to use, information support in the PSN interface and website (general information, technical support, PSN news, announcements).
- Availability gaming, multimedia content and services, offered only on the PlayStation Network server.
- Payment Card PlayStation Network - a very good and popular gift for all owners of the PlayStation.

▂▃▅ you need to get a gift: ▅▃▂

1. Leave your positive feedback.
2. Wait for the distribution of gifts within 72 hours.
08.08.2018 18:49:27
Спасибо, пришло
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Всё пришло
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Всё пришло, спасибо
28.07.2018 17:20:29
08.07.2018 22:48:45
Код активировался.
14.06.2018 19:15:26
14.06.2018 0:07:08
Получил код мгновенно и активировал успешно!
12.06.2018 21:12:36
Всё пришло, спасибо
11.06.2018 9:23:46
10.06.2018 14:13:18
Всё хорошо, жду подарка)
08.06.2018 20:45:30
Спасибо продавцу, всё рабочее
31.05.2018 12:41:45
Всё отлично! Рекомендую продавца:)
28.05.2018 19:51:52
Спасибо, пришло всё.
28.05.2018 19:48:12
Всё пришло, спасибо
28.05.2018 15:33:14
27.05.2018 20:54:45
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27.05.2018 13:49:33
все супер, вы отличный продовец!
21.05.2018 19:06:45
Всё пришло
02.04.2018 11:02:02

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