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1. Before making payment, we recommend to contact our operators using internal chat of (green head in headsets) or through Skype (FIFAXSB)2. After checking all the details with our operator, please proceed to payment using lots of available methods. Then you will receive unique 16-digit code on your email as a confirmation of your payment.
3. Share this code with our operator to activate your coins purchase.
4. Then you need to add your players to transfer market (all the details regarding amount of players, price range, duration and etc. will be provided to you by our operator!)deliveryWhen you sell players, EA Sports are taking 5% tax from total amount. If you want us to compensate these 5%, simply leave us a positive feedback BEFORE getting coins. Then simply increase the amount by 5%. In the end, you will receive the exact amount of coins you requested.
20.06.2017 15:51:15
Все как всегда супер!!!! но дорого))))
16.06.2017 20:20:38
Всё быстро и качественно
16.06.2017 15:18:12
04.06.2017 3:13:15
28.05.2017 17:54:02
best coin sellers around. I have been buying from them for a while now and will only buy from them.
28.05.2017 17:28:56
25.05.2017 20:10:11
24.05.2017 21:31:17
20.05.2017 20:04:29
Всё как всегда отлично! Спасибо!!!
20.05.2017 16:18:36
Great seller!!!
20.05.2017 16:01:31
всё хорошо , спасибо за товар
20.05.2017 9:33:30
Все отлично, спасибо)
10.05.2017 12:15:08
08.05.2017 18:38:34
Спасибо, все отлично)
07.05.2017 15:45:43
Отличный продавец! Всегда идет навстречу покупателю, придумывает ходы в безвыходных ситуациях!)
06.05.2017 18:48:43
Хороший сайт
06.05.2017 16:52:58
Продавец просто класс, огромное спасибо))))
03.05.2017 19:21:59
02.05.2017 15:51:28
28.04.2017 6:57:47
Отличный продавец,все быстро и понятно!