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Light weight, compact and indispensable, a small ax was used in all the wars in the world, including Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots. It is indispensable both for peaceful purposes, in terms of survival, and even - in the melee, fulfilling its original purpose.

The author of this unique book in all respects reconstructed the basics of martial arts of the first settlers of America using a small ax and a long knife. The technique is very interesting, especially regarding the use of the ax, which can be not only (and not only) to cut (for example, attacking the extremities), but also to apply incised wound, strike, hit flat, do butting and used in conjunction with a knife.

Technology is so varied and rich that you can easily choose for themselves the most appropriate options for you working out. Unlike Asian schools for the enemy in light clothing, demonstrated technique is based on the features of carrying heavy and thick clothes, and as the enemy, and your that lends realism to working out.
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