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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 1%
$50 the discount is 2%
$100 the discount is 3%
After purchase, you will get a license immediately Minecraft premium account without a specific security question, with access to e-mail. That will allow you to go into the game as via the website and through the game launcher, never faced with various challenges, as well as to change the skin and nickname.

Accounts type: Email: Password + (Password by e-mail)Product benefits and information that you´d better change immediately after purchase:
- Change your nickname
- Change security question
- Change your password from the native Mail
</ Attention>

The advantages of the license premium account:

● When inventory is not emptied death
● When you log on the server there is no inscription * Try 3 seconds *
● The ability to access the server, even if it is full
● Play in foreign licensed servers
● Play in an interesting fashion on servers (MineZ etc.)Dear customers! In order to avoid misunderstandings from now on must be recorded on video of purchase of the goods until the input data provided by the post office / account. Complaints buyers regarding incorrect data will be considered only if the buyer will provide the video, which will be sealed with the purchase of goods and try to login on the purchased data. These rules apply to all. Seller reserves the right to refuse without the support of the video. </ Attention>
Just when buying you agree to the rules:

• The warranty on all of the accounts only at the time of sale.
• Change all data carries the buyer.
• Responsibility for the account rests solely with you.
• If you have forgotten your password or account by account has been suspended or banned, or restored, or broken already after purchase, such accounts are not subject to
replacement or cash refund.
10.02.2018 22:35:21
change my account am cant loging
04.01.2018 13:50:50
Все отлично! Всем советую тут покупать, это самые низкие цены!
31.12.2017 16:43:28
Всё хорошо! Пароль от почты меняется, номер ставиться.
30.12.2017 4:32:17
No Change Mail.
22.12.2017 17:54:37
Спасибо , всё отлично!
18.07.2017 20:27:30
проблемы были но продавец всё уладил спасибо.
15.07.2017 21:13:02
15.07.2017 21:10:48
15.07.2017 21:05:29
15.07.2017 21:03:03
11.07.2017 15:28:59
Всё работает
07.07.2017 15:01:15
Всё окей! Спасибо.
13.03.2017 20:21:30
Продавцу спасибо за помощь, все пришло оч быстро.
12.03.2017 12:44:27
11.03.2017 16:47:38
Всё круто!
25.02.2017 11:27:31
22.02.2017 13:44:00
Всё хорошо
21.02.2017 17:28:37
Всё хорошо работает
19.02.2017 14:28:39
Все подошло,спасибо !
19.02.2017 12:49:26
Всё норм

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