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5. We play:)/delivery/attentiondeliveryattentionGame description:
Players will take part in the events of the First World War, with the appropriate environment and weapons. Join the battles from the distant Arabian deserts and to the coasts of Italy. Every single fight is like a whole story. Destroyable terrain allows each player to leave a mark on the battlefield. The situation is constantly changing, new points of fire appear, the shelters disappear.

A new war, as a sign of a new time. Battles take place on land, water and in the air. A fierce confrontation will overtake you in any corner of the location. The seizure of posts, the game of superiority or the clash of individual teams, this is not all network modes. Fans of a single dive awaits the story company./attention/delivery
attentionLinks to our main products: - Assassins Creed Origins - Battlefield 1 - Battlefield 4 Premium Edition - Battlefield Hardline - Far Cry Primal - FIFA 17 - Grand Theft Auto V (Social Club) - Need for Speed 2016 - Steep [RU / MULTI] - The Division - Titanfall 2 - Tom Clancy s Rainbow Six Siege? - Watch Dogs 2 [RU / MULTI] - NFS Payback</ attention>
14.03.2019 14:23:28
19.02.2019 1:02:22
When i lost my account seller replaced it. Highly recommended by me. Reliable seller.
12.02.2019 18:19:18
good seller
20.01.2019 17:39:58
04.01.2019 20:53:54
аккаунт работает
19.12.2018 21:33:20
Лучший продавец.Спасибо..
07.12.2018 12:04:55
Thank You
22.11.2018 8:40:49
very nice seller, even tho it takes some time him to answer but he will help you with anything, and if theres problem with your account he can get u another one.
15.11.2018 4:36:02
все отлично , советую!
12.11.2018 21:15:42
Спасибо за рабочий аккаунт с Battlefield 1! Рекомендую !
19.10.2018 22:37:45
Nice seller
26.09.2018 18:35:19
Very good seller , replaced my non working account in less than 12 hours.
17.09.2018 10:25:24
Продавец быстро заменил нерабочий аккаунт!
14.09.2018 16:21:47
Сначала пришел нерабочий аккаунт, но продавец все оперативно заменил. Покупкой доволен!)
10.09.2018 14:17:23
Продавец быстро заменил нерабочий аккаунт)
22.08.2018 9:29:09
Аккаунт нерабочий. Заменил быстро
20.08.2018 17:57:32
Покупал больше года назад, далее доступа к аккаунту не было. На днях попросил замену, продавец все оперативно устроил. Однозначно лайк)
20.08.2018 13:58:31
спосибо все впарядке
17.08.2018 20:18:09
nice seller
05.08.2018 4:20:47

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