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A promotional code for 5000 ₽ for the purchase of an Advertising subscription on Yandex
Subscription to attract customers from Yandex: Maps, Search, Zen, Services and partner sites.
We set up and launch advertising campaigns in the Yandex ecosystem: in Maps, Search, Services, Zen and on partner sites.

Advantages of Yandex Advertising Subscription
To launch an advertising campaign, an entrepreneur only needs to tell about their company and choose a budget. Yandex will do the rest.
Creation and publication of ads. Advertising of your organization will appear where there is demand: in Search, Services, Zen, Maps and on the websites of the Advertising Network partners.
Budget distribution. Gives priority to sites with the highest audience response.
Selection of successful ads. Only those ads will be promoted that bring the maximum number of customers at the best price.
Tracking traffic. The system analyzes ad clicks and customer actions: who calls, builds routes, is interested in a promotion, or clicks an action button.
The discount is valid when connecting an Advertising Subscription for 90 days or more.


Use the promo code and get a discount of 5,000 rubles for an Advertising subscription to Yandex.
The discount will not change your ad budget. For example, you are connecting an Advertising Subscription for 90 days. The total cost of a subscription is 30,000 rubles, with a promotional code the amount to be paid will be less. In this case, the advertisement will be shown in full - for the entire 30,000 rubles, as if you had paid for the subscription in full.

The discount is valid when connecting an Advertising Subscription for 90 days or more.

The service is provided on the terms of Advertising subscription to Yandex means a service provided in accordance with clauses 2.1, 2.3 and 2.5 of the Terms at the same time.


How to connect an advertising subscription to Yandex:

To activate an Advertising Subscription, you will need a Yandex company card. All users who came from advertising will get into it.

If you don´t have an organization card yet, you need to create one. To do this, follow the link, click the Add Organization button and fill in all the fields. Then your card will go to moderation. We will let you know when everything is ready.

If you already have an organization card in Yandex:
- Go to the Yandex.Business advertising account, select the company you want to promote, and click “Advertise”.
- In the window that opens, select "Advertising subscription to Yandex" and click the "Start" button.
- On the page of the advertising campaign, select the budget, the term of the Advertising subscription is from 90 days, paste the promotional code into the appropriate field and click "Apply".
- Press the button "Add funds". The invoice can be paid by bank details or by credit card.
Done! The advertising campaign will be launched as soon as the bank processes the payment.

If at the top of the page you see the message "You need to prove ownership of the organization", you need to do this. Ads won´t launch without confirmation. It´s easy to do: click the "Confirm Rights" button, and the organization´s phone number will be called or sent a message with a code that you will need to enter.

* The promo code can be used by advertisers who have never bought a Priority Placement or Advertising Subscription on Yandex, as well as advertisers whose last ad placement ended more than 12 months ago. Full rules for using the promo code - follow the link https://
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Спасибо, получил купон.
23.01.2021 12:17:10
Изначально ID оказался неактивным, продавец заменил на другой. Промокод пришёл быстро.
16.12.2020 8:54:57
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Хороший продавец! Всем рекомендую!
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все ок
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Все хорошо
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спасибо! все отлично! В
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Всё Хорошо
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Спасибо! Купон активировался!
04.11.2020 0:44:26
Отлил в этот магаз уже 50$. ни разу не было проблем. НИ РА ЗУ!
02.11.2020 15:47:42
Давно беру промокоды, решил первый раз написать отзыв! Рекомендую данного продавца, всегда всё работает, проблем никаких не было. Купил уже более чем на 35 баксов.
31.10.2020 18:10:53
Все отлично как и всегда! В
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Спасибо! Все ок! как всегда!В
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Взял 3 штуки, все нормально активировались.

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