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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$2 the discount is 1%
$5 the discount is 2%
$20 the discount is 5%
$50 the discount is 7%
$100 the discount is 10%
$250 the discount is 12%
$500 the discount is 15%
$1000 the discount is 20%
Buying this product you receive:⭐ Game Account Minecraft
⭐ Operational support in case of any questions
⭐ Instant delivery of goods to your mail
⭐ Ability to change the nickname on the account
⭐ Ability to change the skin on your account
⭐ Discount for the next purchase in the form of a promotional code and cumulative discounts
⭐ Warranty for the purchased goods (in case of problems, please contact the PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE)
⭐ You can not change your mail and password! In case of attempts to change and loss of access, there will be no replacement!⭐ At death, inventory is not emptied!
⭐ When you log in to the server, there is no "Try after 3 seconds"!
⭐ Play on foreign licensed servers!
⭐ Play interesting fashion on servers!How to change NIC:1⃣ Go to the site http: //
2⃣ Look at the line Minecraft
3⃣ We see the button "Change"
4⃣ Enter your new nickname.

1⃣ Go to the site http: //
2⃣ We pass authorization using the data we bought
3⃣ Then in the upper right corner click on your login
4⃣ Select "PROFILE"
5⃣ We see the line with the choice of skin - choose the skin.
6⃣ Click on the "Reset skin" button belowI bought the game, where can I get it?1⃣ After payment of the goods, the data immediately and automatically come to your mail.
2⃣ You can also find the purchased data on the website in the "My purchases" section.
3⃣ These entries are presented in the form - login: password!attentionWhat should I do after the purchase?/attention1⃣ Download / Install Minecraft - https : //
2⃣ Log in to the Minecraft client
3⃣ Download game - play/deliverydeliveryattentionOther:/attention🔴 Access to mail - do not provide!
🔴 P.s. note that the nickname change is possible ONCE time in three months.
🔴 What is "WARRANTY"? - If you have problems with access to your account, you will receive a replacement, within 6 months from the date of purchase!/delivery
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24.04.2018 17:01:57
Очень хороший продавец,покупайте советую
24.04.2018 14:38:48
ty bro np
24.04.2018 14:38:37
ty bro np
24.04.2018 14:38:27
ty bro np
24.04.2018 14:37:53
ty bro np
23.04.2018 15:06:11
Отличная поддержка
21.04.2018 9:22:10
can i have gift
21.04.2018 9:21:17
can i have gift
10.04.2018 16:13:09
10.04.2018 1:48:58
Good and fast seller. I would definitely recommend.
08.04.2018 21:50:07
You are Good Man Nice Seller i like it SHOP NOW
08.04.2018 21:44:09
Nice and reliable seller
08.04.2018 15:13:04
He is a really nice guy which helps you everytime
07.04.2018 17:14:20
Продавец очень хороший, честный и с гарантией всё нормально. Рекомендую!!!
06.04.2018 14:02:14
все класс
04.04.2018 21:36:14
Купил аккаунт, через два месяца поменяли пароль, написал продавцу, через 1 час ответили, и дали новый аккаунт
03.04.2018 13:57:15
через день аккаунт не работал я огорчён,Но продавец заменил на новый сразуже после дня покупки я изменил ник и скин всё хорошо я доволен))
02.04.2018 23:54:34
01.04.2018 20:33:22
Seller is very handful and helper :) Thanks Garry !
31.03.2018 17:04:37
Спасибо, с аккаунтом всё хорошо. Покупал сестре, ник поменяли, скин и т.п. Покупайте! Не пожалеете)

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