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Ironically, the literature on the Korean martial arts in Russian little offensively. Despite the fact that the country has a sufficiently large number of sections in taekwondo, this single combat and limited understanding of the Korean BI. Sometimes there is information on Hapkido - but this little.

This remarkable book under the straightforward title "Korean martial arts" is intended to bridge the gap and give us knowledge of at least the main directions of Korean kvonbop. The term "kvonbop" - rather a collective, rather than referring to any particular martial arts, which can be translated either as "fist fight" or as a "dogfight". Despite the fact that today is practiced in Korea hundreds of styles, in the book you will find information about the main: Taekwondo, kuksul, hwarang-up and a number of others. Basic technical principles and methods set out so clearly and precisely, that you will immediately see the difference and similarities of these areas. Of course, you do not become a master of Hapkido, after reading one chapter, and a couple of pages - a master of kuksul. But you are sure to get the basic principles of these systems will be introduced to the basic techniques and be able to expand their own technical capacity significantly.
Title: Korean martial arts
Author: S.Karamov
Format: pdf
Size: 42 MB.
Quality: Very good
Year: 2011
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