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Every second buyer (in random order) of all our products leave positive feedback - receive one of the more than 40 different games to Steam. What? This you will find out when you receive your gift in the mail.
It can be activated in the "Steam".

For a gift you must:
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Russian language
Platform: PC
Activation: Uplay
Regional restrictions: Russia, Ukraine and CIS

ATTENTION! The key can not be activated on Steam and Origin.ATTENTION! To activate the add-ons you must have activated the original games Tom Clancys The Division

ATTENTION! This supplement is part of the Season Pass and Gold Edition. </ Attention>

The new regime of "survival"
- You will have to wait until you are evacuated from the "dark areas" and to overcome the cold, hunger, thirst and disease without the usual equipment in a real storm. Look for warm clothes, useful tools, food, drinking water and medicines - without it you will not survive. But this is not vse.Osteregaytes other 23 agents and hunters who can trap you every povorotom.Tolko so you will be able to find a cure and get a reward for the successful execution of the job.

overcoming COLD
- New York is dominated by a snow storm. It costs nothing to freeze to death in minutes. Seek shelter, move quickly from one point, where you can warm up to the other and produces warm clothes to resist the cold as long as possible.

- You will have to look for food, because hunger will not allow itself to forget. Search the stores to find canned or other products - so you can fill the reserve of health. Find drinking water is no less important, because in the dewatering your eyesight will deteriorate.

- Look for the drug to prolong his life and fight with septic shock.

SURVIVAL in the mode of PVP and PVE
- In addition, "Survival" mode you have access to PvP or PvE. In cooperative play in PvP mode, you will be able to unite with friends or to act against the other players, even if they are outside the "Dark Zone", and selecting PvE you can only work in a team.

Hunter or prey?
- The new enemy, Hunter, moved quickly and act professionally. He has specialized training and his goal - to destroy the riot agents. So be careful and think about every step.

The higher the risk, BETTER AWARD
- Carry out the actions necessary to survive in harsh conditions, and be careful in choosing allies. If your character is killed, it is necessary to create a new - a second chance will not. You can save the results or manufactured items only with a successful evacuation. If the agent is killed in the quest, you will get a reward depending on the survival of the account, which is the sum of the actions of the character.This product is distributed through the digital distribution, represents the only pin and does not contain the packages and boxes. </ Delivery>

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The key is to activate when Uplay

1. Register your account at, if you do not already have

2. In its account through the button-gear activate the product, enter the key

3. The game will be added to your library of games and you can download it.

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21.01.2017 12:02:37
Всё хорошо. Спасибо за ключик.
15.01.2017 16:20:56
все ок
09.01.2017 19:50:35
супер круто ))))
08.01.2017 15:08:55
Ключик пришёл, активировался без проблем, спасибо продавцу;)
03.01.2017 20:43:51
good. Хочу подарок
09.12.2016 21:11:43
Большое спасибо, код получил моментально. жду подарок
08.12.2016 20:01:49
Все заработало. Спасибо.
08.12.2016 18:17:08
Всё отлично!
05.12.2016 2:29:55
Всё чётко. Купил - пришёл ключ - активировал. Быстро, дёшево и честно!!! Продавец Хорош!
30.11.2016 20:57:06
Хочу подарок!
27.11.2016 0:13:38
Всё отлично.
26.11.2016 17:39:31
vse super

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