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Immediately after payment, you instantly receive the activation key Grand theft auto V for Rockstar Social Club.

Release Date: April 14, 2015.
Age rating: 18+
Developer: Rockstar North
Localization: Russian (interface and subtitles)
Activation system: Rockstar Social Club
You can activate the game on the territory of the countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Republic of Moldova Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

When a young street rogue, a retired bank robber and a socially dangerous psychopath are dragged into a showdown with the most frightening and crazy representatives of the criminal world, the US government and the entertainment industry, they have to carry out a series of risky raids to survive in a ruthless city where they can not trust to anyone - and first of all to each other.

Grand Theft Auto V for PC allows players to explore the famous world of Los Santos and Blaine County in a resolution of up to 4k and higher at a rate of 60 frames per second.

The game offers many unique settings for the computer, including more than 25 separate settings for adjusting the quality of textures, shaders, tessellation, anti-aliasing and not only, but also support and control settings using the keyboard and mouse. Of the additional features can be noted the slider of the city´s population, managing the density of the flow of cars and pedestrians, support for two and three monitors, 3D support and a "plug-and-play" function for gamepads.

Grand Theft Auto V also includes Grand Theft Auto Online, a dynamic multiplayer mode in the Grand Theft Auto universe, where up to 30 people can play in each session. In Grand Theft Auto Online are available all previously released materials Rockstar. Make a career in the underworld and become the boss of a criminal empire, selling smuggling, or organize a motor club and horror on the streets of the city; conduct a series of daring robberies or take part in stunt races; Challenge other players in the confrontation mode or create your own game materials and share them with the community of players in Grand Theft Auto.

ATTENTION: This key is for activation in Rockstar Social Club
To activate the game:
Follow the link and log in to your Social Club profile. If you do not already have a Social Club account, register a new one.
After logging into your account, you need to activate the product code received after payment. Click the link and click "USE ROCKSTAR ACTIVATION CODE". And activate the key.
• You buy goods in the official digital division of belconsole. We are an international, family company with high values. We have 2 physical stores and an office.
• Belconsole on the market for more than 9 years.
• More than 40,000 sales, more than 6,500 positive responses only on the independent platform, not one unresolved issue for 6 years.
• The official level of webmoney Business Level is more than 700.
• Belconsole is the official dealer of all major distributors in the CIS.
• After the purchase, if you are satisfied, please write the feedback below under the product, it is very important for us.
• If you have difficulties with activation, please write below under the product in the correspondence, our technical support will help you.
• Technical problems with the keys can not be solved over the phone, thanks for your understanding.
19.01.2018 2:40:38
Купил гта 5 на изи , сижу устанавливаю , в итоге - СПАСИБО !)
18.01.2018 13:19:14
неверный ключ
13.01.2018 22:47:18
Купил товар, ключ верный! Советую, тем более дёшево! Витес
11.01.2018 14:34:43
Спасибо за ключик ^-^
11.01.2018 10:45:29
Пришло быстро, качается, спасибо.
09.01.2018 16:09:17
Всё хорошо,всё пришло.
08.01.2018 11:18:10
Все пришло быстро,качественно и самое важное рабочее.Буду и в будущем покупать у етого продавца.
07.01.2018 21:38:57
Всё отлично)
07.01.2018 20:49:16
07.01.2018 18:04:54
Все работает!
07.01.2018 17:13:07
Очень хороший товар всем советую лучше купить тут за 1к,а не за 2к в Steam продовец очень хороший! :-)
06.01.2018 21:05:13
05.01.2018 19:37:16
31.12.2017 18:10:25
31.12.2017 17:46:05
Всё пришло моментально. Спасибо огромное!) Всех с наступающим.
30.12.2017 18:26:20
29.12.2017 18:31:32
29.12.2017 15:06:01
Good seller. Bought many codes from him.
28.12.2017 22:41:25
Классно, спасибо.
28.12.2017 18:27:23
Отличный продавец, все пришло, ключ работает, всем советую покупать именно у него.жду подарок

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