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Kaspersky Internet Security 2019
Kaspersky Total Security 2019
ESET NOD32 Smart Security 1 YEAR REG FREE! </ attention> The license is not MSDN or Dreamspark. Technical Support Warranty!
The Windows 10 Pro license key is sent to you automatically immediately after payment. The subject of the sale is the activation code itself. Additionally, links to original distributions are provided by a bonus from the store for your convenience.
License Type - OEM
Language - any
Resolution - x64 / x32
Regional binding - no, the key can be used from anywhere in the world
This is not MSDN / Dreamspark, which means the key will not be blocked after a while

Features OEM version of Windows 10 Pro
Be sure to pay attention to the differences between the OEM version and the usual box. First, by purchasing Original Equipment Manufacturer, you accept the terms "Licenses for the system builder", which presupposes the installation of software on its own. Secondly, the use of this type of license is allowed only on the device of the initial installation.
The OEM version is attached to the motherboard when activated, so when you replace the PC or the motherboard itself, you need to re-purchase and install the software. For other parameters, this type of licensing is no different from the standard store versions, the functionality and duration is not limited.
The issue of the legality of using OEM is often of interest to our customers. We assure you, our resource does not carry out any illegal activities. The use of software on OEM terms is absolutely legal, but limited to a number of conditions specified in the agreement.
What restrictions are imposed on OEM licensing:
use of the OEM version of the product is available only on one computer. This is its main difference from other ways of licensing;
when you buy a new PC or laptop, you can not transfer software from a device that has served its term, even if it is no longer used;
when selling or transferring a computer with an already installed Windows 10 Pro OEM operating system to another person, all parts of the license are transferred to the new owner.
Activation of the key is allowed only on a licensed image. If for any reason you do not have a suitable distribution, download it from the link provided with the key or on the developer´s website com / en-us / software-download / windows10.
Remember, this version is NOT INTENDED for state institutions and corporate entities - only for private use.
Advantages of professional version of Windows 10 Professional
Additional features, which are provided by the professional system of Windows, make it an ideal assistant in business. For fans of progressive novelties, this product will definitely have to taste. The OS has never been so multitasking, flexible and secure.
New features provided to the user of Windows 10 Pro:
Azure Active Directory allows you to connect and work with business domains, remote network files and connected devices;
BitLocker provides efficient use of the updated encryption system and security settings;
the ability to use your PC is now available from anywhere in the world, thanks to logging on to the remote desktop;
integration with Hyper-V will allow you to create and work with different VMs of your PC;
to accommodate the comfortable placement of business applications, it is now possible to use the closed section in the Windows store.

Improved optimization has made the system truly multitasking and very fast. With the modern rhythm of life, such a system is simply indispensable for the effective performance of a wide range of tasks. The implementation of work tasks, network projects and creative ideas has become several times simpler, faster and more organized together with the professional Wind
Additional program Game DVR allows wishing to record their passage and share them.
Rate yourself the whole range of possibilities of a new progressive OSes, you can purchase a license key for Windows 10 Pro with us!
Buy key profitable than download pirate software
Many users think, "Why bother to spend money on software, if it is possible to just download". Agree tempting prospect. But think about why people do these pirated assembly? It is simply out of kindness?
In fact, illegal "collectors" are pursuing their goals, which the user does not know ignorant. Someone builds into Trojans code to steal personal information, someone will thus promote your site with an incredible amount of advertising, someone trained to more serious burglary system.
In any case, the pirates have no incentive to monitor the quality of work of your OSes. Therefore, do not tempt fate and become a part of other people´s offenses. Just buy the license and sleep soundly knowing that nobody will steal your data on the screen does not pop up ads, extortionist, and the OS does not fly off at the most inconvenient time.
Buy the latest software cheap
Only in our store you can buy the original crystal clear version of Windows 10 Professional at a low affordable price. This product, like all other commodities, provided long-term warranty, so do not worry about you.
Instant delivery and convenient payment are shopping more pleasant. And the availability of the original distributions frees you from having to search for the image of the system.
Do you want to ask us a question or doubt in the choice of software? Please contact our live chat directly on the site. We will be glad to help and resolve any technical difficulties. We are always ready to support the dialogue with the client and provide professional advice.
Most new software is now available and inexpensive. Check it on their own experience - make a license key Windows 10 Pro right now!
15.08.2018 18:50:20
Пришло сразу после покупки! Продавца рекомендую!
11.08.2018 9:10:36
Могу с уверенностью рекомендовать этого продавца, так как никаких проблем не было. Ценю надежность и качество.
11.08.2018 8:52:21
Всё работает, не первая покупка у у этого продавца, и никаких проблем) рекомендую! Хочу "Kaspersky Internet Security"
11.08.2018 5:20:18
Активировалась без проблем. Хочу Kaspersky Total Security
10.08.2018 21:43:43
Ключ подошел.
Все отлично.
Хотелось бы получить в подарок Kaspersky Total Security 2019 1пк - 1год
10.08.2018 17:54:01
Всё отлично, первая покупка у этого продавца, рекомендую. Хочу "Kaspersky Internet Security)
10.08.2018 15:10:27
Ключ активирован, все отлично. "NOD32 Smart Security 1 ГОД REG FREE 1год1пк!"
09.08.2018 17:11:02
Все отлично. Хочу Нод32
09.08.2018 13:35:15
Отлично! Все установилось и заработало, спасибо.
08.08.2018 22:44:08
Все отлично, ключ работает. "Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 1год1пк"
08.08.2018 21:41:05
Прекрасно работающий ключ, спасибо за предоставление! "Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 1год1пк"
07.08.2018 18:38:20
Ключ пришёл мгновенно, активация 100%! Очень доволен! Подарок пожалуйста: NOD32 eset)))
07.08.2018 15:26:09
Спасибо, всё OK!
07.08.2018 9:44:45
Доброго дня! Впервые воспользовался услугами Вашего сайта. И не пожалел. Добросовестность поставщика, с которым работал я, достойна похвалы. Конечно от рисков не застрахован никто, но при должной осмотрительности он минимальный. В общем, рекомендую.
05.08.2018 11:50:21
Спасибки, ключик работает, рекомендую!
04.08.2018 13:05:01
Активировался без проблем,СПАСИБО!!!
ХОЧУ ПОДАРОК Kaspersky Total Security 2019 1год1пк
03.08.2018 20:29:27
Все круто. Все пришло! Спасибо
03.08.2018 12:02:17
Все отлично)
03.08.2018 1:38:27
Ключ пришел сразу, все активировалось, рекомендую =)
02.08.2018 22:47:18
Ключ сразу после оплаты! Все отлично!
Было бы неплохо ключик от Kaspersky Total Security 2019 1год1пк

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