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Norton Internet Security - a comprehensive antivirus and firewall that protects your computer, local network, online activities and your personal data, using innovative technology to deal with modern aggressive threats. powerful and fast protection against malware and online threats without slowing down your computer. Improved Norton Protection System with multi-level security technology working together, provides comprehensive protection.
New versions of products have got an interesting opportunity: a mobile interface, as well as Norton Management system that allows you to access the product via a browser, which makes it possible to check a remote computer without direct user intervention. Also, new items received software Download Insight, designed to check the visited hyperlinks on the harmfulness and downloadable programs for infection in some hacker code. In addition, Internet Security got the opportunity to control the bandwidth of the Internet channel, the user can give priority to a particular application.
02.11.2017 21:49:44
17.08.2017 11:02:22
Всё быстро и просто. Ключ рабочий. Большое спасибо!
13.08.2017 16:27:08
Все работает ...
НО! Ключь не на 90дн., а на 88. ;-(
13.08.2017 12:43:42
19.03.2017 19:36:55