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Attention! Before making the purchase, read the description carefully.
Adjustment program Epson WF 2010 \ WF 2010W \ WF 2011 - is a tool for the specified printer model, the program allows you to reset the counter diaper (otrbotka, absorber) to prescribe ID printhead do initialize the printer and other functions.

Language English

The program resets the counter and the Main pad Platen pad counter for the following printer models:
1) WF 2010
2) WF 2010W
3) WF 2011

- The program will only work on a single computer that you receive an activation key.

- Windows can be reinstalled and re-activate the program obtain an activation key.

- The configuration of the computer can not be changed if you change the hard disk or a computer processor, the program will no longer be activated and have to re-buy the activation key.

- The program does not work on Mac OS

- Some anti-virus software may swear by the program, so while working with the program is to disable them, or add a program to the exceptions.

- After the payment program and download it, be sure to remove it from the file using the archiver program, for example, Winrar.

- Start Adjprog.exe program by double-clicking. A window will appear with the Hardware ID number, copy this number and send an email with the subject "I bought you a program Adjustment program Epson WF 2010 \ WF 2010W \ WF 2011". We will send you back the activation code that you insert into an already running program and click Register \ Register.

- Note the activation code we send do not always instantaneous, as This procedure is done manually, often it takes 5 to 30 minutes.

Next, the program running in normal mode, as described, for example, here: html

08.01.2018 2:56:32
from Japan.
I looked for various places on the Internet but I could not find it.
I found it and thanks you for using it without problems.
Thank you very much.
I sincerely thank you.

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