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We do a full (Full vin BMW decoder) check Online - The history of visiting dealers BMW or Mini by VIN code (Mini \ BMW VIN report)

Also we have a "Lite check" https://www.plati.com/itm/vin-bmw-decoder-check-the-history-of-bmw-vehicles/2266347?lang=en-US it shows the date \ mileage at the time of visit to the ML (the service station of the official dealer)

To order and receive a report:

Enter the full VIN of your car in the booking form, click "BUY", go through the payment process, We will check your VIN and send a PDF Report report to the email with the result of a full (Full) check.

The deadline for submitting the report is approximately 3 to 8 days on working days

Attention! important information:

Data in the database has been stored since 2000.

Data is available only on official BMW \ Mini dealers (all over the World)
If the car was not serviced by the OD data, the report will not
Discounts for wholesale buyers.

In this Complete report, the data is displayed (motor / body / body color / package, etc. Dealer History Report (VIN BMW Check)

Date of visit to the official dealer (service) + Mileage at this time + Detailed list of service works (types of work / inspection performed over the car), for example: Engine oil replacement \ Front brake mechanism Replacement \ Brake fluid Replacement \ Vehicle inspection \ Microfilter \ etc.... )

+ as in the Lite report http://plati.us/buy/2266347 visible if the mileage was twisted

Examples of reports by reference:


The deadline for submitting the report is approximately 3 to 8 days on working days
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will need to fill in the following fields:
- E-mail address (email);
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of purchase and sale of goods.
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05.10.2017 0:43:14
I´ve used them several times. A bit slow in response but good.
I´m happy.
30.07.2017 13:46:05
26.05.2017 7:27:23
Good , a bit big Waiting time But all ok .
I recomand This check
13.03.2017 0:10:28
Good service! Got the report 2 days later after paying.
21.02.2017 13:21:40

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