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This product is a service that will be applied to the site. By ordering this service, you will receive a unique traffic to choose from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Latvia, Czech Republic, Israel, Georgia, Germany, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the United States, Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Bulgaria, Holland , England. And also it can be mixed from the countries to choose from.

To work sites are not accepted: 1) Where there is any user redirected to another resource. 2) Where there is a hidden or not hidden iframe unit to work with this type of traffic. 3) Sites containing viruses and content which may harm the user. 4) sites with subscriptions and downloading files. 5) Sites with sms and email newsletters. 6) Sites with adult themes.

Warning: The site where traffic will be sent to you need to install any active counter: Yandex Metrika, google analytics, LiveInternet, and the like. Access to the meter must be open or temporary access should be granted.

To work allowed: personal sites, corporate sites, blogs to the blog services, all video channels (YouTube, rutub etc.).
The responsibility you take on, we will only refer people to your specified resource.
An additional setting HTTP_REFERER´y for all tastes, the choice of a visit: the time and day of the week.

PS: After the payment you will get access to the form, you´ll need to fill out.
On the basis of this questionnaire, we get to work or get back to you for clarification of small nuances that must be considered when performing.
If you need any traffic, you can specify it in the type of traffic, What a pleasure specification You can specify in this field.
For communication used: E-mail, Skype or Discord.
If you have questions, you can press the (information on the seller and his products) and turn on the published contacts.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will need to fill in the following fields:
- E-mail address (email);
- URL of the Site;
- Skype;
- Traffic Type :;
- Callback (yes \ no);
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of purchase and sale of goods.
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