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Windows 10. Secrets and device of this new operating system will be available to you with the same management. The study material of the book makes it easy to navigate in a variety of settings and new solutions provided by Windows 10. not always easy to find the information you need, often need to spend a lot of time and turn over a large number of sites and services on the Internet. So that this book will be unquestionable boon for easy and quick introduction to the new operating system. You hearken to it all the subtleties and secrets of the updated interface, the software will try to use the new functionality.
Формат: PDF
Качество: Издательский макет или текст (eBook)

Instead of a preface

Section 1: Installing Windows 10
1.1. Record Windows on a flash drive or CD-ROM
1.2. Record operating system image on a flash drive
1.3. Record operating system image to a CD
1.4. Installing Windows 10 on a computer operating system
1.5. Finding and installing all the drivers
1.6. Connecting devices
1.7. If it is not in the driver

Section 2. The computer and device
2.1. Motherboard
2.2. The processor (CPU)
2.3. Memory (RAM)
2.4. Video card (graphics adapter, or graphics accelerator)
2.5. Hard disk drive (HDD and SSD)
2.6. Power Supply

Section 3. Some mandatory information!
3.1. Few details
3.2. Some of the daily activities on the computer to Windows 10
3.3. Running programs and windows
3.4. Work in a browser or how not to get lost in the Internet ?!
3.5. Downloading or sending files
3.6. Registration on Internet sites
3.7. Keyboard shortcuts and mouse actions

Section 4. The appearance of Windows 10
4.1. Personalization Windows 10
4.2. Windows 10 Notification Center
4.3. Some secrets to personalize or change the desktop background
4.4. The mouse cursor
4.5. Windows 10 Start Menu
4.6. Classic Shell
4.7. Taskbar and its setting

Section 5: Program for Windows 10
5.1. Windows 10 Security
5.2. file formats
5.3. Services on the Internet
5.4. Installing programs without the user´s knowledge
5.5. Tricky way to install the operating system and protect your data
5.6. Stealing passwords from accounts
5.7. The truth about Windows 10 security
5.8. Antivirus for Windows 10
Dr. Web
Compare antivirus solutions
5.9. Safety for children, while in the Internet
5.10. Parental Control program KIS or KTS (Kaspersky Internet Security or Kaspersky Total Security)
5.11. If Windows 10 virus appeared, in which nothing can be done on the computer
5.12. Restore Windows 10
5.13. The required set of software to complete the work on the computer
5.14. Programs that will greatly facilitate your life
5.15. Archivers
5.16. Browsers
5.17. Download Managers
5.18. Multimedia
5.19. Text editors
5.20. mail clients
5.21. Tips on setting up programs
5.22. Emulators images
5.23. Better sound speakers

Section 6. The increase in productivity and efficiency of your PC or how to make the computer run faster!
6.2. Disable all unnecessary visual effects
6.3. Other methods to increase productivity
6.4. Using the swap file
6.5. Auto start programs that are not used often
6.6. Defragment your hard drive
6.7. The use of portable versions of programs
6.8. Overclocking a video card on a Windows 10
6.9. Overclocking the CPU and RAM
6.10. Overclocking Intel CPUs
6.11. Overclocking AMD processors
6.12. Hard Drive Acceleration
6.13. How to increase the amount of battery life

Section 7. Windows 10 Network
7.1. Wi-Fi Access Point
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