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This product is a set of scripts that allows you to automate actions on site. The script is able to subscribe to the users to unsubscribe, send comments and put the Huskies. This set of scripts running on the lists, the entire automation based on the repetition of actions through the browser Mozilla Firefox, iMacros extension. For ease of management and interaction, using a small page (website).

Scripts written using iMacros Scripts & JavaScript & PHP & HTML
You only get a set of scripts that allow you to engage in self-promotion, without resorting to the services of sites, programs and services of third parties.

Important Important notes for the product:
The author of this product can advise (Possibly: Skype, Discord, e-mail);
At the time of the acquisition, the script is guaranteed to work.
The script works in extension iMacros for Firefox.
Page of the site (scripts Control Panel) runs on a Web servere with support for PHP. You can upload a folder on a free hosting that supports PHP or install a local version of the LAMP / WAMP (eg Denwer).
Performance and speed of the Internet depends on the speed and performance of your computer.
The author is not responsible for any adverse consequences or damage that you may cause yourself using this tool.
You are free to make any changes and corrections to the script files.
You have no right to distribute this set of scripts in some way.
This product may no longer work with any changes in the architecture site.
In cases of product updates (scripts) All buyers get the update for free.

Set scripts that you get:

- [JavaScript & iMacros Scripts]
1. Set scripts iMacros for ~ (Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Laiki, comments);
2. Set iMacros Scripting ~ (Followers, Following) - Collect your subscribers and subscriptions (mutual, reciprocal and not all);

- [Site - Page - control panel scripts]
3. A set of scripts in PHP, HTML, CSS, JS ~ (Page Control - Admin)

- [Database Instagram users in TXT format]
4. Gift_1 \ [5061] worldoftanks.txt ~ (list WOT community members)
5. Gift_1 \ [3740] mobiltelefon_ru.txt ~ (list community members)
6. Gift_1 \ [10461] vk_moscow.txt ~ (list VK Moscow community of users)
7. Gift_1 \ [10186] bigbang_vk.txt ~ (list Seriala user community The Big Bang Theory)
8. Gift_2 \ [7129] itaorussia.txt ~ (a list of users iTao Russian community)
9. Gift_2 \ [5533] womday.txt ~ (list of Woman´s Day Community members)
10. Gift_2 \ [10375] dlya_mam.txt ~ (a list of community members for moms)
11. Gift_3 \ [17394] wylsacom.txt ~ (list Wylsacom community members)
12. Gift_3 \ [15135] burgerking.txt ~ (user list Burger King Russian community)
13. Gift_3 \ [11276] atpiska.txt ~ (my nice Friendly Oblomoff community members)
14. Gift_3 \ [10116] nrjRadio.txt ~ (list of community Radio NRJ Russian users)
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