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With us, you can buy a Swedish premium level 8-level pt-sausage Strv S1 for World Of Tanks.

The first Swedish premium PT-САУ is torn into battle and is ready to please its owner with a whole series of "chips".

- A piercing tool. Armor penetration of the base projectile is as much as 288 mm. This is an absolute record among all cars on the level! You will be able to deal damage to almost all who have been imprudent to fall into your field of vision.
- Invisibility. Strv S1 has excellent indicators of disguise. Choose the right position, and the enemy will only have to guess who and from where methodically "dismantles" him.
- Mobility. New PT-САУ can quickly move around the battlefield. High speed of movement, both forward and back, seriously increases your chances of survival and provides many opportunities for effective use of the machine in combat.
- Hydropneumatic suspension. Strv S1 - the first and only at the moment the premium machine, able to change the height of the body due to suspension and play in two modes: marching and siege. And her crew is fully suited for Swedish PT-ACS VIII-X levels. Pump up the crew for the "tops" and learn the features of the "Swedish" gameplay, without detracting from earning credits!attentionAttention! Tank only for RU region! </ Attention>
attentionAfter payment, send private messages to your username in World of Tanks, and a unique code that will get after payment! </ Attention>
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отлично товар пришол спасибо
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Все хорошо. Продавцу спасибо

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