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This instruction works on systems running Windows 7 Ultimate or Corporate
 Toolbars (toolbars) are malicious programs that exist in the form of a toolbar and a search site. These malicious programs are able to change the settings of your web browser, network settings including they are able to change the home page to the search site page for example Webalta and so on. If these programs are present on your computer, then the only correct solution is to permanently prohibit the installation of such toolbars in the future. Toolbars can appear in any web browser that you use. Most often these programs infect a computer when its owner often downloads various free programs on the Internet. Or the software in which an option is implemented to install such toolbars. Often, users hastily install downloaded programs forgetting to read what is offered for installation as a result of which installation of unwanted programs (toolbars) occurs.

Before us, ladies and gentlemen, is spyware, which harms the system more than many viruses, but for the creation and distribution of which, Mail.Ru and others like it remain impunity.

This instruction works on systems running Windows 7 Ultimate or Corporate:
Unpack the archive and carefully read the installation instructions.
 Now no program from these publishers can penetrate this computer. All of them will be blocked at the installation stage and will not cause you any more inconvenience.

There will be no Yandex-bars, defenders, agents and satellites. Be calm for your web browsers. You will never have to pick out any Yandex and Maily from this computer. The computer is now completely free of this infection and from other unwanted software
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