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You buy the official key DLC for the game "The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited + Morrowind".


Language: English, German, French
Platform: PC
Region: Region Free

ATTENTION! The key can not be activated on Steam and Origin.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is a new chapter of the famous multiplayer role-playing game The Elder Scrolls Online. During this adventure, you will return to the legendary Vvardenfell Island from the classic saga The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Here you will find a new game zone, a new class of characters, more than 30 hours of main story materials, a new test and a new PvP mode for 3 teams - 4x4x4. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is the largest addition to The Elder Scrolls Online, addressed to both veterans and novices.


• Return to Morrowind
Vvardenfell is the largest zone added to The Elder Scrolls Online after the game was released. Her geography, along with all the sights - the same as in the classic role-playing game The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. You have to embark on dangerous adventures at the legendary places of Vvardenfell 700 years before the events described in The Elder Scrolls III: walk from Seyda Nin docks to Ashland volcanoes and dense, mushroom-filled forests and even visit the glorious city of Vivek, which at that time just built.
• New class - Warden
Having mastered the natural magic, you can get access to the powerful character of the new class - the Warden. This is the first new character class added to The Elder Scrolls Online after the game’s premiere. The Guardian has a deadly ally - a war bear War Bear, who will not abandon the player even in the most dangerous situations.
• Incredibly fascinating storyline.
Morrowind is in terrible danger, and only you can help Vivek, the legendary poet and Guardian Vvardenfell, solve the mystery of his illness, cure him - and save the world from destruction.
• New PvP mode - Battlegrounds
The Elder Scrolls Online is famous for its PvP battles in which hundreds of players fight for power over Cyrodiil. In addition, added a new Battlegrounds mode - intense 4x4x4 battles. You have to go to Ashland to compete in glorious battles for the title of the best warrior in all of Tamriel!


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11.02.2020 14:20:22
Все отлично код пришел)))
10.02.2020 13:10:09
Ключи всегда рабочие - рад что есть надежный продавец.
30.01.2020 16:36:54
Код рабочий
29.01.2020 14:35:00
Зараборало, за 300р когда (или 4.5$) когда в стиме 15$ или 8-10 со скидкой

27.01.2020 7:38:00
все отлично,ключ активировал +
23.01.2020 16:23:35
Very Good broo!
22.01.2020 22:28:49
всё ок
21.01.2020 22:53:36
21.01.2020 17:48:48
Получено/активировано. Все ок
21.01.2020 17:24:35
21.01.2020 3:37:40
Всё отлично, благодарю
20.01.2020 0:12:45
Активировал без проблем
19.01.2020 12:20:55
Все активировал! Спасибо...
18.01.2020 19:44:08
Ключ активировал! Все работает!!!
18.01.2020 17:34:52
Спасибо пришло быстро) Рекомендую
15.01.2020 22:40:26
Отлично! Быстро и четко!
10.01.2020 18:26:34
Пришло быстро уже скачиваю игру
28.12.2019 22:41:56
28.12.2019 19:56:21
Cразу активировал, уже качаю. Может у кого возник вопрос, то вот ответ: да, это не только дополнение а сама игра+дополнение за эту цену.
27.12.2019 6:29:41

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