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I am glad to present to your attention the summer top. The model is seamless, knit from below upwards in a circle, when forming the armhole it divides into front and back and each part ends separately. The shoulders are sewn by the method of three spokes. The elongated part of the back is obtained due to the properties of diagonal patterns.

In addition to the verbal description, the description includes the care schemes for each size, thanks to which the knitting process will be convenient, pleasant and easy for you.

The description does not include master-classes on the cruciform set of loops and the three-spoke stitching. If you do not know these techniques, then it´s better and most clearly to study them on video lessons.

Recommended yarn
Zen Jarna (67% linen, 33% bamboo, 50 gr / 135 m)

Circular knitting needles number 3 (3 mm)

10 cm of faces. Smooth, knitting needles No. 3 = 25.5 p. And 36 p.

The model and description are copyrighted and are intended solely for personal use. Any reprint, quotation or publication is prohibited.
22.06.2017 15:32:07
Спасибо огромное! Схемы разработаны просто превосходно!
24.05.2017 13:42:22
Описание замечательное. Спасибо.
21.05.2017 10:16:33
Спасибо большое! Как всегда на высоте!!!
15.05.2017 0:27:20
Замечательно!!!Описание получено мгновенно!!!