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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 3%
$20 the discount is 4%
$30 the discount is 5%
$40 the discount is 6%
$50 the discount is 7%
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Minecraft – an unusual game which world consists of units with different characteristics and textures. It integrates in itself elements of "sandbox" with a possibility of creation. And it is possible to create here everything that it will be necessary for soul, from available units which at a game there are more than hundred types. At the moment in Minecraft there are three modes: creative, hardcore and survival.

Advantages an account premium before normal:

- The premium gives the chance to put to itself skin
- The premium gives the chance to play on the Premium servers
- The premium gives the chance to play on the MineZ servers
- At deaths door the stock isn´t devastated
- An opportunity to come on the server even if it is crowded
- In case of an input on the server there is no text "Try in 3 seconds"

After payment, you obtain data for an input only in the client \лаунчер MineCraft in the form of login@mail:password

Access to the website Majong\Minecraft isn´t provided. Claims about it aren´t accepted

After receiving goods:
- We download the client of a game (clients of a game much, data approach any)
- We will become authorized in the client of a game
- We enjoy the license game Minecraft
- The bought goods aren´t subject to return. Replacement is possible in case you provide the reasons powerful for this purpose (non-working data, the blocked account)
- Threats, blackmail, an insult towards the seller in correspondence - blocking of your further purchases and the complaint to you in administration
- Manibek is provided if you have proved the case, but the seller has no replacement matching the description of the bought goods
- If there are claims on quality of the bought goods, you are obliged to tell the seller AT ONCE after purchase. After a claim aren´t considered
- All goods are checked daily and chance to receive non-working goods is insignificant small!
21.03.2018 9:22:41
продовец не очень хороший иногда баны на серверах но большинство из них очень хорошие
17.02.2018 14:37:57
все нормально, пароль сначала был неверный, но заменили на рабочий
16.02.2018 20:06:26
самый лучший продавец советую всё ок
10.02.2018 17:50:30
продавец помоги зайти
10.02.2018 14:05:11
Классный продавец все топ
31.01.2018 15:23:29
Продавец! Лучший все работает прекрасно.Советую
17.01.2018 14:33:13
07.01.2018 6:26:22

02.01.2018 16:40:27
Аккаунт не входил, но продавец заменил.
16.10.2017 16:49:29
Very Good acc
26.09.2017 20:08:50
Здраствуйте я хочу поменять аккаунт!!!
13.09.2017 19:28:49
Я друг Димы Смирнова
02.09.2017 19:08:06
02.09.2017 11:00:19
ВСЁ окей работает но только не на сайт а так окей!
29.08.2017 12:24:39
При покупке акаунт не работал , но продавец сразу же поменял акаунт
26.08.2017 20:10:28
Получил аккунт Infailed,но продавец сразу поменял.
17.08.2017 14:07:03
Хороший аккаунт. Спасибо вам!)
13.08.2017 21:24:51
Все хорошо, аккаунт был заменен
07.08.2017 1:44:31
Попался аккаунт с баном на hypixel, сообщил об этом продавцу, он быстро заменил мне на другой. Рекомендую к покупке)
23.07.2017 22:40:02
Замените там бан хайпиксель!

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