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A set of tuning firmware for cars Chery Tiggo 1.8L 16V
Equipped with engine control unit BOSCH ME7.9.7
To install instead of the software F01R00DD53 03605010GA
In the kit Chery Tiggo 1.8L ME7.9.7 F01R00DD53 03605010GA TUN firmware:

1) F01R00DD53 E2-ORI *
2) F01R00DD53 TUN *
3) F01R00DD53 E2-TUN *
* Decoding of firmware designations

######## E2-ORI (the firmware will not change the performance characteristics of the car, but it will save some of these problems)

Suitable for those who are satisfied with all the driving characteristics of the car but because of the peculiarities of the region (severe climate, bad gasoline, water obstacles that need to be boosted) constantly annoy the engine errors "Lamp CHEK ENGINE"
All firmware settings have factory default values.
In the firmware, the oxygen sensor after catalytic converter (DK-2) is disconnected, neutralizer diagnostics are disabled.

From the error mask, the following codes have been removed:

P0036 - Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, heater circuit breakage test

P0037 - The oxygen sensor after the neutralizer, checking the short circuit of the heater circuit to the "ground"

P0038 - Oxygen sensor after the neutralizer, check the short circuit of the heater circuit on the bore

P0136 - Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, open circuit signal

P0137 - Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, low signal level

P0138 - Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, high signal level

P0140 - Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, open circuit signal

P0441 - Wrong air flow through purge valve

P0141 - Oxygen sensor after neutralizer, heater defective

P0421 - Catalyst efficiency below acceptable threshold

P0422 - Low catalyst efficiency

P1606 - Rough road sensor, incorrect signal

P1616 - Rough road sensor, low signal strength

P1617 - Rough road sensor, high signal strength

P2270 - The oxygen sensor after the neutralizer, the lack of response to the enrichment of the mixture

P2271 - The oxygen sensor after the neutralizer, the lack of response to the lean mixture

######## TUN (firmware for those who want to improve the performance of the car with minimal means)

Firmware with optimized running characteristics without any changes in the car´s equipment.
In the firmware all sensors and actuators as well as the neutralizer are normally used in the engine operation.
With this firmware, due to optimized settings, the acceleration of the car improves, especially with the air conditioner turned on.
The thresholds for the operation of the cooling fans are reduced.
The car speed and engine speed limits are increased.
(For regions with high-quality fuel)

######## E2-TUN (firmware for those who decided to do tuning their car by upgrading the intake and exhaust systems)

The firmware is suitable for installing the initial tuning package on the car.
For example, the package "Stage 1" which includes:

-Air-free air filter
-Inversion and outlet manifolds of reduced resistance
-No catalytic (co-current) exhaust system

The firmware can also be used when installing some individual components from the "Stage 1" package.
For example, when installing only the exhaust manifold "Spider".
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