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We provide remote dedicated (private) server rental services for your needs: online games, development and operation of web / app / bot applications, working with 3D graphics editors, developing and configuring virtual servers and hosting bots for online games. The servers are in excellent condition! East Europe location.
Renting a server with us is getting personal and individual access to PC resources.
It is this access and control that is truly VDS (Virtual dedicated server).
We provide all the power of INTEL i7 processors, high-speed SSD technologies, the versatility of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti (2Gb) graphics cards to your full access 24/7. The management is carried out by the proven technology of remote access Radmin, TeamViewer, RDP, etc. at your choice.

i7 6700
GTX GeForce 750Ti 2Gb
120 GB SSD

24 hours FOR FREE (test)
Contact us for details!
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