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And here is the middle ground for the gaming story of Dead Island zombies. The game Escape Dead Island connects 1st and 2nd part of the series. She is still in the same blood-colorful manner talking about the relationship between people and other people who have turned, however, as a result of an ill-fated infection into a zombie.

To one guy this transformation seems quite romantic. His name is Cliff Kahlo. He is not poor, more precisely, his parents are rich. Therefore, Cliff and his friends hijacked a yacht to get to the shores of Narapela Island (part of the Bana archipelago). They think that now they will shoot a hit documentary. But they have no idea what kind of movie it will be ...

The developers paid tremendous attention to secrecy, if you are a fan of stealth then you will be in joy with the game escape dead island download torrent. Cliff, that is, the player, must carefully approach the solution of the problem. There are not so many normal weapons, you will have to constantly create them from everything that is more or less suitable. And the main goal, as the name suggests, is to go from here. It is much more difficult than to get here ...

Escape Dead Island is a single-company company to the Dead Island series, which is designed as a horror with a strong focus on the story and tells about the events that took place between the first and second parts of the series. The game tells about the son of media tycoon Cliff Kahlo, who went to the quarantine (formerly paradise) island called Bana for the purpose of shooting a documentary about the life of zombies. Cliff is the spoiled son of a powerful media mogul who stole his father’s yacht with his friends to shoot a documentary: Revealing the truth to the public about the outbreak of the zombie virus on Bana Island. Their plan is to penetrate the top-secret quarantine island of the Narapela archipelago and photograph everything that happens there. Players, as in the previous parts of the series, will be free to explore this big island, but this time you need to act as covertly as possible to avoid encounters with bloodthirsty zombies who can hear any rustle and smell you. Escape Dead Island is different from other parts of the visual style, but it also will have to fight in melee with zombies in the setting of a tropical island. You will be available to a set of new weapons.
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