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An excellent film for almost any athlete who trains in any style of karate - and this is only the beginning! Being a kind of visiting card of modern karate, kicking takes a lot of knowledge and place in training in this single combat, but do we all know how to properly carry them out?
   The next cycle of video lessons is devoted to the theme of kicks with the feet, in the first one you will see everything you need to know about choosing the right distance (ma-ay) for their execution. Japanese masters of karate will show from which distance one should perform certain techniques, as well as ways to break the distance and reduce it by sharp movements.
Competitive karate (karate-shiai) allows any fighter to clearly define his abilities, to know his potential and to identify the parties that require additional attention in training. And this series of training videos will allow you to practice "right karate" now.
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Title: Kicks in karate - film 1: Choice of distance
Author: collective of authors
Format: DVDRip
The size: 50 mb.
Quality: Excellent
Language: Japanese
Year of Publication: 2015
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