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A colorful and very informative educational video film on the technique of punches and elbows in muay thai will please not only the fans of this hard combat, but also all fans of contact sports, including boxers and kickboxers, in the arsenal of which similar techniques are used. The proposed system Allows organically to connect typically "boxing" punches and protection system adopted in muay-tai, as well as percussion techniques with elbows. All this makes it possible to use the impact technique with hands in a rather aggressive manner, which will quickly suppress the enemy, which is especially effective for quick and unexpected maneuvering. In addition, you will like percussion combinations, after studying which, you can effectively use your entire arsenal and quickly move from one strike to another.
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Title: Mastering the devastating hand and elbow blows of muay thay
Author: collective of authors
Format: SATRip
Size: 560 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language
Year of Publication: 2008
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