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Orig.title: Stories of Your Life and Others
Author: Ted Chan
Number of pages: 480
Release year: 2014
Publisher: AST, Neoclassic
Series: Collector´s fantasy
Translators: M. Levin, Anna Komarinets, A. Novikov,Lyudmila Sekatawa, Vladimir Grishechkin,Michael Vershovskii
Binding: hardcover
Type of publication: Author´s collection
Format: pdf recognized

From the publisher
This book contains almost everything written by the Chan - however, in addition to works already recognized as classics of the genre, a part of her and has never been published in the Russian language story the LIFECYCLE of SOFTWARE OBJECTS, was awarded three literary awards!..
Read one of the most renowned science fiction writers of America-writer, who returned to the NF interest real connoisseurs!
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