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Developer: Tango Gameworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release Date: Oct 13, 2014
Languages: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish
Region of activation: Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries
Region of activation: Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries


The Evil Within ™ is Survival Horror in its pure form, which is not surprising, because it was developed by the ancestor of the genre Shinji Mikami. A cleverly designed landscape, a constant sense of fear and an intricate storyline - all this creates a unique world of the game, which from the beginning to the end holds you at the peak of tension.

The Evil Within is being developed for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation®3 gaming system, the PC and next-generation platforms. The game is scheduled for release in 2014.

Investigating the bloody murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his comrades are faced with a mysterious and powerful force. Called to the scene of the crime, the police outfit is brutally interrupted, and Sebastian himself is ambushed and comes to life in a monstrous, insane world where incredibly ugly creatures roam among the dead.

The task of Sebastian is not to disappear without a trace in the world of revived fear and to find out what kind of dark power is behind what happened.

Features of the game
Return to the origins of the genre - Shinji Mikami - the ancestor of the genre Survival Horror. The plot he created is frightening and fascinating at the same time. Anxiety and fear continually increase as you explore through the distorted world of the game. The hero has to fight for his life, using a limited arsenal of opportunities. A searing mixture of an action movie and a thriller will make you experience the horror of the highest test.
Insidious traps and monstrous opponents - Incredible horrors, cruel traps and devilish mechanisms - all this will stand in the way of the hero to salvation. But evil can and must be turned against itself - crowds of deadly enemies will themselves be defeated by the infernal inventions of an inflamed consciousness.
Unknown danger, an unprecedented world - The unsteady world of the game is constantly distorted and changing, giving rise to new horrors. Walls, corridors, doors and even entire buildings can suddenly transform, knocking the hero out of the way and further luring into a world where nothing can be sure.
Revival of the genre - Artfully worked landscape, constant sense of fear and a complicated storyline - all this creates a unique world of the game, which from the beginning to the end holds you at the peak of tension. Can you overcome the most important enemy: the inhuman horror that devours you from within?
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