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Lightning fast after payment, you get a unique key to activate the game Wolfenstein: The Old Blood in STEAM.

Wolfenstein®: The Old Blood - the prehistory of the game Wolfenstein®: The New Order, an independent prequel of the famous adventure action movie in the first person. In this addendum, which has eight chapters, you are waiting for two interconnected stories, exciting gameplay, a deep plot and intense battles. The main hero of the game, B. J. Blaskovitz, will receive new weapons, such as the Bombenchouss rifle and a combat pistol. He will also benefit from two: pipes (one in each hand) - they are equally useful and to climb the walls, and to destroy numerous new enemies that will add to the long list of irreconcilable opponents.

In the courtyard of 1946, and the Nazis are about to win the Second World War. In order to reverse the situation in favor of the allies, BJ Blaskowitz must successfully conduct a dangerous special operation in the Bavarian outback ...

In the first part of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - "Rudy Jager and Wolf´s Lair" - Blaskowitz needs to enter Wolfenstein Castle, steal the coordinates of General Skull´s base and deal with the insane prison warden. In the second part - "The Dark Mystery of Helga von Shabbs" - the hero will visit the excavations in Wolfburg and not allow the Nazis to release the ancient dark forces to freedom.

Installation Instructions:
Download and install Steam (if not already installed);
Register an account on Steam or log into an existing one;
Go to the section "My Games" and select "Activate via Steam ...", read and agree with the Steam Subscriber´s agreement and enter the key received immediately after payment;
After activation, the game appears in the list of games and you can download it from Steam. The installation process (download) takes about 10-60 minutes (depending on the available Internet channel).
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• Technical problems with the keys can not be solved by phone, thanks for your understanding.
10.11.2018 10:06:35
Спасибо, ключ пришел, все хорошо
04.11.2018 11:38:14
Сразу получил ключ. Рекомендую!
19.10.2018 15:29:30
Ключ сразу же пришел после оплаты! Рекомендую Продавца)
25.11.2017 15:56:49
Все супер
25.11.2017 13:48:36
Спасибо! Активация ключа прошла успешна.
24.11.2017 15:49:49
24.11.2017 2:21:27
Игру получил. Спасибо
06.11.2017 19:22:47
Ввсе отлично. Проблем нет.
06.11.2017 15:18:14
All ok!
06.11.2017 12:58:48
Good.. Good..
05.11.2017 17:00:29
05.11.2017 15:27:42
все хорошо, спасибо!
04.11.2017 20:36:16
30.10.2017 17:37:51
30.10.2017 15:39:37
30.10.2017 15:27:34
Пользуюсь услугами этого продавца не первый раз, без нареканий.
29.10.2017 21:49:11
Всё хорошо. Ни в чём не обманывают. Хорошие люди!
29.10.2017 16:27:33
Всё хорошо, спасибо!
28.10.2017 12:10:27
Все пришло, работает. Спасибо.
27.10.2017 11:52:48
все гуд

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