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This set of fonts "Retail 2" of the FELIX-RK cash register contains 2 versions of fonts (4 and 5) in TTF format (Russian and English letters) for use in Microsoft Word. The archive contains standard and wide fonts for each version (4 fonts in total) in the TTF format and a check variant template, which, in particular, is used in many retail store chains. You just need to install the fonts in the system (usually C: \ WINDOWS \ Fonts), open the template and start editing. Print checks preferably on a thermal printer, on the cash register tape. Although it is possible to print both on a jet and laser, with the ability to output on fax paper. The best quality, of course, when printing on thermal printers.
This kit may not be suitable for your particular case, as different machines can be used in different stores. Carefully review the screenshots before buying.
To get the full set of fonts of this device you can follow the link:
Our other fonts you can find here:
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