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Activation only for CIS and Georgia.

Going from Windows 7 Home Enhanced to Windows 7 Professional.

1. Prepare the PC. Create an archive copy of files and programs, saving them to a USB flash drive, external hard drive, DVD-ROM or CD.
2. Click the Start button.
3. Enter Windows Anytime Upgrade in the search field.
4. Select Windows Anytime Upgrade, and then type the update key.
5. Enter the upgrade key, and then click Next.
6. Follow the instructions to complete the update. The PC will restart automatically.

If you need help, there are three ways to get it:
1. Click the mouse.
Click the Start button. Then select Help and Support.
2. Website.
Visit the website
3. Phone call
For more information, see the support website. If your country or region does not have a Microsoft child subsidiary, contact the seller from whom you purchased the Microsoft product.
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