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Truck tuning is something that is close to the heart of all truckers. If you have ever been to a truck show, you would see that the amount of love and effort that some drivers are willing to devote to their vehicles is unbelievable. Tons of chrome, expensive hand-made parts, lights, and paints - they can turn a regular truck into the work of art!

Explore this phenomenon yourself, and trick up your DAF trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2 with a million of possible combinations of aftermarket parts including:

Chassis covers, rear bumpers, exhausts, sun shields, stone guards, front fenders, side skirts, front masks and grilles, bull bars, front and rear mudflaps, hub covers, door and window trims, front badges and logos, and various cabin accessories like curtains, mugs, LED logos, dashboard tables, plush toys, and a driver and co-driver plates.
15.08.2018 15:22:24
10.08.2018 14:11:20
спасибо игру получил
29.06.2018 17:38:07
22.06.2018 13:19:10
Подарок получил. Всё отлично! Спасибо!
09.02.2018 11:15:18
При оплате биткоинами очень высокие проценты, но это вряд ли проблема продавца. Игра отправляется подарком, но у продавца все автоматизировано - это делается ботом.
01.01.2018 11:52:17
Товар пришёл!Спасибо продавцам!
07.12.2017 21:30:44
всё отлично,спасибо!

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